Level: Primary 6 SA2
Subject: Mathematics Paper 2
Degree of Difficulty: AAA
Type of paper: Word Problem Q8 Solution
Year: 2016
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8. To prepare for an outdoor event, Mrs Tanya bought red, blue, yellow, green and orange umbrellas. The number of umbrellas of each colour is shown in the graph below.
(a) Find out the total number of umbrellas Mrs Tanya bought?
(b) Mrs Tanya altogether spent $58.50 on orange and green umbrellas. Each orange umbrella cost $0.50 more than green umbrella. How much does each orange umbrella cost?

Exam: P6 Math SA2 2016 Grade AAA Mock Exam Test Paper 2 - Word Problems
Solutions: Q6 Percentages, Q7 Patterns , Q8 Data Analysis, Q9 Area, Q10 Area, Q11 Volume, Q12 Geometry, Q13 Fractions, Q14 Patterns , Q15 Distance, Q16 Ratios, Q17 Ratios, Q18 Money