Level: Primary 6 SA2
Subject: Mathematics Paper 2
Degree of Difficulty: AAA
Type of paper: Word Problem Q17 Solution
Year: 2016
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17. The breadth of rectangle WXYZ is three times the breadth of rectangle PQRS. The ratio of the length of rectangle WXYZ to that of rectangle PQRS is 11 : 15. Rectangle WXYZ and rectangle PQRS have the same perimeter. The breadth of rectangle WXYZ is 25 cm shorter than its length. What is the area of rectangle PQRS?

Exam: P6 Math SA2 2016 Grade AAA Mock Exam Test Paper 2 - Word Problems
Solutions: Q6 Percentages, Q7 Patterns , Q8 Data Analysis, Q9 Area, Q10 Area, Q11 Volume, Q12 Geometry, Q13 Fractions, Q14 Patterns , Q15 Distance, Q16 Ratios, Q17 Ratios, Q18 Money