Level: Primary 6 SA2
Subject: Mathematics Paper 2
Degree of Difficulty: AA
Type of paper: Word Problem Q6 Solution
Year: 2016
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6. Magdalene started driving from her home to her office at 9 a.m. and on the way, she met her mother who who was driving at an average speed of 76 km/h in the opposite direction. Magdalene reached her office after another 30 minutes, while her mother was 4 km away from their home. Find Magdalene’s average speed if she reached her office at 10a.m.

Exam: P6 Math SA2 2016 Grade AA Mock Exam Test Paper 2 - Word Problems
Solutions: Q6 Distance, Q7 Fractions, Q8 Fractions, Q9 Whole Numbers, Q10 Ratios, Q11 Geometry, Q12 Money , Q13 Volume, Q14 Percentages, Q15 Area, Q16 Money, Q17 Pattern , Q18 Ratios