Level: Primary 6 SA2
Subject: Mathematics Paper 2
Degree of Difficulty: AA
Type of paper: Word Problem Q14 Solution
Year: 2016
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14. A target score was set by James for his English test. When his English teacher returned his test paper to him, he found that if he set his target score higher by 20%, he would need 1 more mark to reach his actual test score. If he raised his target score by 25%, this target score would surpass his actual test score by 2 marks. What is the actual test score?

Exam: P6 Math SA2 2016 Grade AA Mock Exam Test Paper 2 - Word Problems
Solutions: Q6 Distance, Q7 Fractions, Q8 Fractions, Q9 Whole Numbers, Q10 Ratios, Q11 Geometry, Q12 Money , Q13 Volume, Q14 Percentages, Q15 Area, Q16 Money, Q17 Pattern , Q18 Ratios