Level: Primary 5 CA1
Subject: Mathematics Paper 2
Degree of Difficulty: AAA
Type of paper: Word Problem Q12 Solution
Year: 2015
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12. The school organised a sports day for the students to participate. 13 of the pupils chose badminton and 15 of the pupils chose basketball. The remainder of the pupils chose track and field. The pupils were only allowed to choose one sports event. There were 30 more pupils who chose track and field than badminton. Find the number of pupils who chose tennis.

Exam: P5 Math CA1 Grade AAA Mock Exam Test Paper 2 - Word Problems
Solutions: Q6 Money, Q7 Whole Numbers, Q8 Geometry, Q9 Area, Q10 Whole Numbers, Q11 Whole Numbers, Q12 Fractions, Q13 Money, Q14 Money, Q15 Area, Q16 Money, Q17 Ratios, Q18 Money