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Primary 6 Maths Exam Solutions for Test Papers

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Primary 5 Maths Exam Solutions for Test Papers

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Primary 4 Maths Exam Solutions for Test Papers

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Significance of including Exam Solutions in Free Test Papers

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Students in neighbourhood schools usually have test papers that are much easier than top schools. Mock Exam test papers are modelled after top schools question concepts and are more rigorous. By going through these free test papers , neighbourhood school students sharpen their problem solving skills and language skills and are better prepared for PSLE than those who do not. One major advantage of mock exam test papers is that it tells the students which topics they have not mastered. This encourages them to focus on weak areas. The free test papers also tell pupils which topics they have already mastered. They can then spend minimal time on such topics they already know and direct their attention to other areas. We understand from psychology studies that learning spaced over time are more likely to have better retention. Exam solutions to test papers encourage revision and studying to be earlier and spaced out. By facing the exam process earlier, pupils are accustomed to question styles, the pace and eventually be more comfortable and less anxious when sitting for the actual exam. Doing model free test papers or simulated exam papers are more beneficial to learning than spending the same amount of time studying. The practice test improves learning and improves the final exam results.

Topical Primary School Worksheets vs. Full length Free Test Papers vs. Test Papers with Exam Solutions

Topic by topic primary school worksheets help students familiarized with the basic concepts. The questions are simpler and more focused but the practices facilitate in building a strong foundation. The student can do multiple exercises of the same topic until he is proficient. Full length free test papers on the other hand are broad based and test the students’ ability in applying the concepts learnt. Sgtestpaper, testpaperfree and old school paper provides full length free test papers with answers but no detailed exam solutions or workings are given. Mock exam test paper provides originally crafted question and the attached exam solutions provide the detailed step-by-step explanations.

Study the Smart Way using Primary School Worksheets

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The primary schools in Singapore are using rote learning repetitive method in teaching. This means that there are lots of homework that require hard work. The best approach recommended for parents and tutors is to complement the schools by using the study smart tactic. Otherwise the child would be overloaded with too much work from sgtestpaper, sgtest paper, testpaperfree and old school papers. The smart way is to identify the weak subjects and weak topics of a pupil. Generally, Maths and Chinese are the two subjects that students have some difficulty. Next, spot the weak topics in that particular subject. The areas for improvement can be uncovered by letting pupil go through a full length free test paper. For maths, word problems are most tricky and are alloted the highest weightage. It makes a good strategy to spend more time practicing maths word problems.

How to use Exam Solutions for Mock Exam Test Paper questions

There are two ways to use the exam solutions. The first is to downoad the questions and try all of them and then checking the answers. Pupils can then download the exam solutions to specific questions that they want to do correction. Another way is to use the question bank as a reference guide. Students encounter some difficult questions on a certain topic in their homework. They then come to exam solutions to look for similar word problems and go through the solutions. These solutions provide them insights on how to solve their original homework problem sums.
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Problem solving approach for Singapore Math Worksheets

For straight forward problems, students may know right-away the strategy. Singapore Math worksheets’ problems which are harder. That is why they have to rely on heuristics or ‘rules of thumb’ based on different leads. It is not a straight line process but one that require using the first, second or third approaches before getting the solution. The recommended actions during certain conditions are given below.

How to start solving the problem listed in Singapore Math Worksheets

The steps to problem solution process are: understanding the problem, finding the given data and required answer; drawing a bar model of the problem; or paraphrasing the problem.

What is the approach?
Make a general plan of approach when the question is clear. Otherwise, you may be feeling stuck.

Feeling stuck when solving questions on free test papers?

Try working on a simpler version of the problem on exam solutions to mock test papers. And use it to get insights that help in solving the original problem. When you can see the light at end of tunnel, try observing it in more detail to see how it could facilitate progress. Do not lose heart, if you are discouraged with a few failed attempts.

Completed solving the problem?

Reflect on the prior process when you have completed the problem solving process. One can learn new tactics from the approaches taken. Monitor your progress. Check from time to time to see if your approaches are effective and timely. Check each step of the equation to see if they are correct. Examine and reiterate if original plan fails.

Learning Through Practising Singapore Primary School Math Worksheets

Learning requires practice, repetition
We have heard the saying - practice makes perfect – many times. Does practices on sgtestpaper, testpaperfree and old school questions makes perfect. How does practice alter the brain?

Passive Learning
Learning is passive as it avoids taking action towards goals. For example, reading a textbook on learning English makes the student feels like he is making progress. However only the actual practice of English language would give the desired outcome of speaking and writing in the language.

Practice Is Learning, But Learning Is Not Practice
Passive learning is not a type of practice as you gain new knowledge but are not discovering how to apply it. Active practice is a form of learning as you learn new insights through mistakes while practicing.

Bridging the gap between watching and doing
There is a gap between understanding the step-by-step solution that teachers write out on the board and actually doing the maths problem independently . The gap can be bridged using practice worksheet with sample solutions. Once the student becomes more familiar with the concept, the template solutions can gradually be eliminated. By exam time, the pupils would have mastered the problem solving skill.

Learning requires time
Studies show that the element of time is an important factor in learning. Studying twice made the learning fade away much more slowly than those lessons learned only once. When the relearning is done a third or multiple times, the series of lessons are more engraved and fade less easily. Week by week worksheet practices is one example of a learning series. There is time savings in relearning as the time needed to relearn is much less. Teachers sometimes distribute practices over multiple times so that difficult concepts can be learned at a more efficient pace. Week by week practices on sgtestpaper, testpaperfree and old school free test papers would be too taxing as compared with primary school worksheets.

What is Practice in Learning
Practice in learning is a method of teaching that uses repetition of concepts, examples and practice problems. It is a technique of perfecting a skill or procedure. Through regular practices, the student becomes proficient in Singapore Maths worksheets’ problem solving.

Learning through practice Rewires Our Brains
When a student learns a new concept in mathematics or grammar in English, the student’s brain is being changed in the way it is wired. Scientists tell us that the brain is not static nor harden at certain age but it is always transforming when we learn new skills like language or mathematics.

At first, the new skill might feel stiff and ill at ease. But as the student practises, it becomes smoother and feels more natural and comfortable. What happens is that the primary school worksheet practice is helping the brain to optimise the set of orchestrated activities.

The Power of Practicing More free test papers
The difference between practice and learning is that practice is active, deliberate and intentional while learning is passive. Both may sound similar but they have profoundly different results.

Practise Primary School Worksheets on your own

Primary School student and mother Whether the pupils are having problems with tenses, prepositions or using the correct sentence structure, grammar practice is the answer.

Some pupils may find that grammar exercises are tedious. Try a variety of questions in different areas like tenses, preposition, synthesis & transformation and comprehension. This ensures that the student strengthens his skills in a broad area.

Practise whenever and wherever you can
Other than using sgtestpaper, testpaperfree and old school free test papers , language learners have to listen, speak, read and write at any given opportunity. Pupils can watch children’s TV programmes to improve listening. A further step would be to download audio books where learners can practise reading and writing simultaneously. If there are difficult sentences, the student can click replay to repeat the sentences again.

Other Learning Activities

Primary School student graduate Delivering and/or summarising content efficiently
During lessons in class, students often passively take notes of what is written on the board. By letting students practice primary school worksheets, students can participate actively and speed up coverage of the lesson.

Encouraging students to communicate their mathematical ideas on free test paper.
We frequently hear students saying they understand the mathematical ideas but just could not explain it. Students are encouraged to talk through the materials in Singapore math worksheets until they reach a good understanding of the concept.

Connecting new material to previously-covered material
It is easier for students to grasp new concepts when they have mental hooks to hang new ideas. The hooks make connections between the old concepts and the new ones. The connections can be made by telling students to review previously-learned material at the start of the worksheet. Then use this material to explore new ideas.

Read, read….and read some more
The best way to see grammar in action is in books. The more pupils are exposed to correct usage, the more they will see, learn and ultimately understand the correct usage. The rules of the language are the same in story books, newspaper and websites.

Tution lessons based on Past Year Exam Papers and Solutions

Tutors can leverage on exam solutions for mock exam papers to explain difficult problems or let pupils try the exercises. Exam Solutions are ready-to-use teaching resources that can be downloaded free. For each topic, tutors can let pupils learn once, practise once and talk through once.

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